le Pouf diy

In putting together a nursery, I was searching for a footrest to no avail (aka didn't want to spend $100). So I made my own. I followed this tutorial:
It was super duper easy. I used some old remnant fabric and part of a dropcloth that was kickin' around in the garage. I stuffed it with old towels, some fibrefill, and voilà!


Snow Day

Ah, snow day. What joy those words instilled in me when I was a young'n. 
Snowed in; today I'm quilting and baking cinnamon buns from scratch. 
Waiting for that dough to rise. Mmm!

I can't decide on a pattern for this baby. It's kind of a dark vs. light quilt, black and white with a little purple and blue. I like that it's graphic but not too cold, the florals help to warm it up a bit. Looking forward to its completion. So many tiny squares! Alas.


Whale Spotting Quilt

Another petite chevron quilt; this one has a polka dot/whale vibe. 
Dimensions: 44"x 60"


Seafoam Chevron Quilt

I just finished up this baby quilt, with a little hard labour help  from my mumsy.
Specs: 60.5"x41.5"

Seafoam Chevron Quilt
Hand stitched binding


Quilt Numero Uno

I finished my first patchwork quilt ever! I learned about a gazillion things. This is the conversation my mom and I had when I showed her the quilt:
Mom: Well, it looks better than I thought it would. 
Me: Um... thanks?
Interpretive dance with the quilt binding
Showing off the quilt to my Dad
Final prod

And then I planted my Hoya vine in soil! Yes! Lookit all those crazy roots.